About Us


Smith Willcox & Co is a small, independent firm of accountants in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The firm was established in 1946.


We provide accounting and bookkeeping services, taxation and business advice, to small businesses and individuals.


Our own business is built on reputation and recommendation from clients who know us well. These are people who value personal service and a simple, intelligent, common sense approach. Because of this, we have a niche and distinct client base.


We offer advice, proactively, to our clients, where this will improve the way they do things. This may lead to general cost savings, increases in profitable revenue, or even, savings in tax! Such advice is obvious (or should be) to an accountant with sound, general business acumen. We provide this freely, as included within our service. There are no ‘added-value’, rip-off, fees here.


We are truly independent. We are not members of (or owned by?) any domineering, multi-national software ‘club’. However, we do have access to specialist support, when needed, from The Institute of Financial Accountants and CCH (a leading, global provider of financial information and training, to even the largest firms of accountants).


We have no delusions of grandeur. Our business is as small as it ever was and will be. A personal service business is exactly that - the personal service of the accountant who acts for you. This service is immediately lost, as soon as the business expands and employs much less experienced staff to do the work. It would be nice to have more of us here, if only we could find other accountants who share our values. However, we increasingly believe that our values are alien to the modern accountancy profession, as do our clients.