Career Opportunities


The rewards of successful effort will be yours to keep.


We welcome all of your speculative CVs and letters of application, regardless of your current level of experience or seniority, if currently with another firm. These things can be worked on, given the appropriate attitude and frame of mind from you. If your personal values and attitude match our philosophy, then you will be invited to come in for a chat. All other speculative applications will be courteously acknowledged.


We appreciate that the right people are exceedingly rare and that we cannot let opportunities (i.e. you) pass us by. We have no control over when you may be looking for a career move and believe that you will find us, more so than us finding you.


To help us to avoid ‘false negatives’ and reject the right people, please follow the guidance below:



  • Consider the general personal characteristics of a professional accountant in public practice (see below) and convince us that you have these. Please note that our clients are exceedingly demanding in terms of a high quality personal service and that business, tax and accounting technical expertise is taken as a ‘given’.
  • Your CV should list all GSCE grades by subject.
  • Likewise with A Levels, if applicable.
  • Degree holders should give a brief outline of their course along with their degree classification.
  • Relevant accounting and business qualifications should be stated.
  • In, or with, your covering letter of application, describe your ideal small firm of accountants, the one of your dreams, which you would like to work for. State the purpose behind why the firm exists. List all relevant stakeholders and what each of these should be receiving from the firm. Give consideration to the internal structure of the firm and how clients can be best served by this. Finally, what would be the future for the firm and what would be your role within the firm to reach that future?



Personal Characteristics of Accountants (From the IFA’s website here

Accountants must enjoy working in a numerate environment and have a good working knowledge of accounting information. They should have an inquiring, analytical mind and be able to work logically, consistently and accurately even when under pressure. They need to be self-motivated individuals with the ability to manage their time efficiently. Accountants need management skills as well as knowledge of the general economic environment in which they operate. They need to keep themselves up-to-date with the regular changes in financial rules and regulations and have the ability to quickly recognise the implications of such changes on their employers’ or clients’ affairs.


Accountants work with people from all walks of life and therefore effective interpersonal skills are essential. They should be confident individuals with the ability to put people at their ease and inspire confidence. They should have excellent written and spoken communication skills and be able to discuss and explain financial issues with both fellow professionals and those with little or no financial background.